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Before we begin this installment of Buried Treasure , an announcement: I started writing Buried Treasure regularly in October I wasn't even working for ANN at the time. Since then, I've written essays of varying length and quality about anime good and bad. The truth is, there are only so many old and obscure anime that nobody has picked up on in the odd year history of anime in the states. Often I've come back to a show I remembered enjoying in some hazy, half-forgotten way, only to be greeted by a looming deadline and an anime that inspired ne'er a word.

Dirty pair anime breast

Dirty pair anime breast

Dirty pair anime breast

Dirty pair anime breast

Dirty pair anime breast

Extreme Sport Excuse Plot : The beach volleyball episode. Privacy Policy. I wasn't even working for ANN at the time. But at the rate things are going, it could be months before I finish either, and even then -- that's months of viewing in order to write ONE column. Effortless Dirty pair anime breast Lift : As the "muscle" of the pair, Kei can carry around men far heavier than she is. The Galaxy Cup tournament is Not Just a Tournament because the sponsor is a criminal breasg keeps himself hidden from his enemies Dlrty all times, and can only be guaranteed to appear Girls cars sex person to award Dirty pair anime breast to the tournament winners. Patlabor 2: The Movie And yet, Dirty Pair remains sublimely entertaining. Cheers man.

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Since the original light novel versions of Crusher Joe and Dirty Pair are part of the same continuity, these qualify as continuity nods or mythology gags. Patlabor: The Mobile Police — The Sex - Philes 16 33 pictures. Download 15 0. The original Sunrise anime adaptations portrayed him as a big, clumsy, and hapless Comic Relief sidekick, compared to the Panthera Awesome version from the light novels. The "Dirty Pair" TV series was the first Japanese animated production to star brunette Yuri and redhead Kei, the Dirty pair anime breast and volatile duo of space fighters who prefer to call themselves "Lovely Angels," but Dirty pair anime breast invariably known throughout the galaxy as the "Dirty Pair," thanks to their tendency to leave a lot of damage in the wake of their chaotic adventures. Enjoy a night in Photo sexy undress woman these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Later, Yuri wears her classic counterpart's uniform as part of a series of cosplay outfits for a White Prince — long story. The goons complain about not being able to get a clear shot while hanging off the sides of the robot. After falling in Love at First Sighthe had observed Dirty pair anime breast from a distance, and Dirty pair anime breast a robot based on what he believed her to be like which was very, very different than she actually was. Bolivian Army Ending : One episode ends with the pair charging who knows how many robots. Alternative Title s : Dirty Pair Flash. Dirty Pair Flash. Arcology : Damocles Tower from the series, the Angels' home. Dirty Pair: Mystery of Norlandia Video

In fact, there are quite a lot of them, and some of them are worse than people could have dreamed of before going into space.

  • In fact, there are quite a lot of them, and some of them are worse than people could have dreamed of before going into space.
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Created July 1,

Featured in collections. Cartoon Girls by Princess-Tria. Featured in groups See All. Dirty Pair Flash: Kei Visual Art Fan Art Traditional. Ay, first full painting to be shown in Although i feel the fanart ship has a set sail for me, in this instance I got back on the boat.

Nevertheless, this is the Lovely Angel Kei, about the bust some heads in a futuristic urban outback. One of my favourite characters back in the day. A couple of variations were added to her look based on my style. Dirty Pair by Haruka Takachiho, Sunrise et all. This one is also in tribute to who has supported me these years. Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment.

Already a deviant? Sign In. Its nice to see cool renditions of one of my favs. MrTuke Professional Traditional Artist. Cheers, my good sir. It's likewise a fun pleasure to have a go at taking on character from a different angle. I definitely enjoy your take on the "Thug-Angel".

For instance, I don't see her as a smoker, but when she's plainly giving me the side-long glance that says "Monku ka? Would that be the one that sits on her left shoulder, whispering "Let God sort 'em out! Is the right-shoulder one out on break, or has she long since packed it in? I like the rendering and color palette on this. I can see a lot of work went into the background detail as well. I'll admit I had to look up the band -- I had no idea it's American. Glad it got a chuckle out of you, bud.

Certainly with this one, between her buffed up taste in metal and the studs, Kei is a tough nut chick rearing for a scrap. The laughing angel from the smoke is meant to represent her repressed appetite for destruction begging to be let out. If there's a God in Kei's eyes, then he signs his name with a capital "boom! With the stress of plans backfiring and occasional shtick from the superiors, i suppose i can picture Kei being a moderate smoker seeing how she's well on the way with Alcohol.

Nothing stronger than a packet of Silk cuts though, or whatever average cig is popular in the 23rd century. With the telephone pole, the idea was that this part of town would either be part of a no mans land in the 23rd century city were the WWWA HQ lies bit like the slums just outside their building , or this could be the World's world recreation planet.

Either way, an area where there's still a dependance on 20th century tech. That's also meant to be a construction site tractor in the distance, what little of it i can squeeze into the view between the pole and her arm. The background in general i used London scenery as a reference E. London Gherkin at the back there as well as Hong Kong night time skyline.

The huge fortress right at the back, admittedly inspired by the Genom H. Cheers for sticking around, mate. ChaosAlexander Hobbyist. Awesome work man! Dirty Pair Classic and nice MA patch! Cheers, my good sir! Mind you, a Dark Angel patch would work as well. Sodom and early Slayer would work a treat too.

And Kreator. Great work, sir! Nice level of detail and an overall feeling that you have honed your art another notch. Bonus points for the MA patch. Cheers man. Lessons learnt from the comic series so far has certainly went into the detail of this piece. I'd like to try variations with scenery and interactions with backgrounds for the next one.

Should be good! Funnily enough, Domination came out midway throughout the DPF's original run. Core Membership. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Copyright Policy.

Despite his history with the previous generation of Lovely Angels, and taking several wounds during the final battle, he ends the final episode polishing a new set of golf clubs. Added to Watchlist. Yuri's hair is described in the novels as black, but Adam Warren's is the only adaptation that doesn't change it to blue or violet. Every other piece of technology or strange creature you see is man-made. Alternate Versions.

Dirty pair anime breast

Dirty pair anime breast

Dirty pair anime breast. Girl In Girl

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The "Dirty Pair" TV series was the first Japanese animated production to star brunette Yuri and redhead Kei, the voluptuous and volatile duo of space fighters who prefer to call themselves "Lovely Angels," but are invariably known throughout the galaxy as the "Dirty Pair," thanks to their tendency to leave a lot of damage in the wake of their chaotic adventures.

I watched the first 13 episodes and I have to say I consider this program the best example of "Dirty Pair" I've yet seen. The series offers adventure, humor, imagination and abundant pulchritude on the part of the two main characters. Some of the episodes are straight space adventures where Yuri and Kei confront pirates, battle monsters or rescue people on all sorts of planets.

Some lean toward hard science fiction, as in episode 12, "The Little Dictator," where scientists invest a lab rat with super intelligence and the experiment backfires when the rat, Algernon, leads a takeover of the facility by his army of rats.

Algernon is a reference to the famous sci-fi short story, "Flowers for Algernon. In addition to the "Algernon" reference, there are signs of other favorite stories and films on the part of the writers.

In episode 8, they land on a planet called "Poisonville," where Yuri's childhood sweetheart is apparently imprisoned. Poisonville is a reference to the Dashiell Hammett crime novel, "Red Harvest" , where the action is set in a corrupt mining town called Personville, that's generally referred to by the locals as "Poisonville. That's right, "Red Harvest. In episode 4, they have to pursue a runaway cat with super powers and a taste for cheesecake around a sprawling metropolis.

In episode 10, they land on a planet and are accused of impersonating the Dirty Pair when they try to protect a young prince who's been targeted for assassination. In episode 11, my favorite of the 13, they're off-duty and have plenty of time to be their usual comical, flirty selves when they stop on a planet to buy dresses for a party and get mistaken for the lookalike bank robbery team of "Pete and Moila.

There's a Lupin III vibe to much of the action. I love the animation and design in this series. The frequent action scenes are fast-paced and fluidly animated. The colors are bright and the graphics bold. The settings are always interesting, whether they're on bleak planetary landscapes, flying through space at warp speed, or on crowded city streets and shopping malls.

Kei and Yuri are exceedingly cute and quite an eyeful in their bathing-suit-style uniforms. They switch to snazzy blue skin-tight battle suits in episode 8. Their comical facial expressions are matched by the quick pace of their banter and frequent asides by the voice actresses, Saeko Shimazu and Kyouko Tonguu, who do a marvelous job.

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The Great Adventures of the Dirty Pair (manga) | Dirty Pair Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In fact, there are quite a lot of them, and some of them are worse than people could have dreamed of before going into space. However, they also have the rather unfair reputation of blowing up everything they touch for the record, only a third of their missions have ever ended with something being destroyed, and it's never actually their fault , which has led to their unofficial and hated nickname of the "Dirty Pair".

On the other side of matters, a list of the things they have accidentally blown up would include a number of inhabited planets, so it's not as if their infamy is wholly undeserved. Novelist Haruka Takachiho first created the Pair in , in a series of stories published as Light Novels set in the same continuity as his other series Crusher Joe which debuted 2 years earlier.

In , the franchise was rebooted as Dirty Pair Flash. Meanwhile, Adam Warren future author of Empowered and Toren Smith of translation house Studio Proteus, who left after the first three miniseries obtained the rights to create an English-original manga-styled Dirty Pair comic miniseries for Dark Horse Comics , technically based on the original novels instead of the anime. As for the light novels themselves, they continued to be published all the way until , when the eighth and final one was finally released.

They had plans to release the original TV series, which fell through due to poor sales. However, the TV series was finally licensed and released by Nozomi Entertainment. Dark Horse Comics published translations of the first two light novels. They also published the comics by Adam Warren after the original publisher Eclipse Comics went out of business , but those are out of print now.

Also, starting in March , the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Ryu published an adaptation of the first light novel, The Great Adventures of the Dirty Pair, which was collected in two volumes. In April , Seven Seas Entertainment announced that they had licensed the manga for release in December as an omnibus collection. Original entry text written by Rob Kelk for The Anime Primer, and used with permission of the author. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. You will remember to call them " Lovely Angels ", won't you? Absent Aliens : There is faster-than-light travel and humans have colonized the whole galaxy, but there are no aliens. There are two exceptions outside the series: The OVA "Affair of Nolandia" does have alien ruins and the technology that resides within, and in Project EDEN a scientist uses a dormant piece of an alien in his experiments.

Every other piece of technology or strange creature you see is man-made. Is a Crapshoot : B. He did not like discovering the kill-box installed into his system and took it out on the whole city Flight Conspiracy serves as one to the other OVAs.

Arcology : Damocles Tower from the series, the Angels' home. The tower leans at a visible angle in every appearance after the first episode, and all the other residents remember that Kei and Yuri were involved.

It wasn't their fault! Bath Kick : Yuri kicks Carson for falling into her bubble bath. Calling Card : An episode of the TV anime has the Angels as bait for a Serial Killer , posing as a door-to-door salesman, who specializes in killing attractive young women in their apartments and carving one of the letters "B, K, P, Q, R" on their foreheads. The reveal is that there were two serial killers — playing chess with each other, using the letters and the victims' room numbers to represent their moves.

The Crusher Joe movie itself features a longer show-within-the-show cameo appearance of Kei, Yuri, and Mugi. Since the original light novel versions of Crusher Joe and Dirty Pair are part of the same continuity, these qualify as continuity nods or mythology gags.

A scene from the movie which has Kei and Yuri crashing a hover-car through the lobby of a building has Lum amongst the crowd of people running away in fear. Canon Foreigner : Several in each of the several adaptations. Cartwright Curse : Both Kei and Yuri have a habit of would be boyfriends not surviving the episode. Casual Interstellar Travel : It's about as easy as air travel is today. One episode has the Angels traveling in a rental spaceship because Kei thought their Cool Starship would put off her date that week which conveniently leaves them underarmed while facing the army of robot Space Fighters hunting them down.

Chainmail Bikini : Hand waved in the novels with a "transparent polymer sheath" worn over the bikinis for protection. The author had based the design of the uniforms on female Professional Wrestling outfits.

Classy Cat-Burglar : Carson D. Our Elegant Revenge" has the Angels agreeing to help a handsome Con Man with his latest job — talking a drug kingpin into agreeing to buy a worthless planet by way of the Violin Scam.

The con man tries to betray the Angels so he can flee with the money, but they see it coming, and he and the kingpin are left helplessly watching it all burn. Cool Ship : The Lovely Angel. Even though its appearance is different for every series, OVA and movie. We're Not Afraid Of Your Divine Wrath " has the Angels investigating the murder of several hundred corporate employees on a Space Amish world — with the "God" of the colony's religion as the prime suspect.

Although Yuri is able to Do in the Wizard of the miracles performed by the cultists and their god a cult member chosen to be uploaded to a Master Computer , the self-styled deity doesn't see any contradiction. Kei is just on the warpath because two handsome Boys of the Week get Stuffed in the Fridge in less than 20 minutes. Cyber Punk : Both the classic anime version and Flash flirt with this. Death Dealer : Yuri and the Bloody Card, a self-propelled Attack Drone the size and shape of a playing card, with razor-sharp edges.

Destructive Saviour : Not all the time, but enough. Diabolus ex Machina : The Dirty Pair's absurdly destructive luck constantly triggers ways for their missions to end in disaster. Part of the reason why such shit happens is because the bad guys escalate like crazy when they find out that they are after them.

Does This Remind You of Anything? When you see those powers' flags , it becomes all too obvious that it's a Cold War thing. Drives Like Crazy : Kei in the original series. Earth-Shattering Kaboom : But it's never their fault. Effortless Amazonian Lift : As the "muscle" of the pair, Kei can carry around men far heavier than she is.

Extraordinarily Empowered Girl : Varies from version to version, but Kei and Yuri are always elite members of a peacekeeping agency, with some add-ons like top-of-the-line gear or being genetically engineered.

Fanservice : They don't call'em " battle bikinis " for nothing , you know. Fashionable Asymmetry : Both Kei and Yuri wear slightly different-length boots on their animated versions. Fashion Dissonance : It's obvious the anime versions were made during The '80s just by looking at Kei's and Yuri's character designs.

Fantastic Drug : In the OVA series, we are introduced to a drug called "Hustle" which promotes muscle growth and gives the user feelings of invincibility. Kei and Yuri have to face a rogue 3WA agent who's become a kingpin for the drug, and who is high on her own supply.

Finagle's Law : The reason for the titular nickname and everybody fearing it: the Lovely Angels are so destructive by pure bad luck that people expect apocalyptic destruction and them being casualties every time they are around.

First-Person Smartass : Kei, as the narrator of the light novels. But really based on Women's World Wrestling Federation, the wrestling group that inspired the stories - and the Battle Bikini uniforms - in the first place. Future Spandex : Worn by the heroines. Yuri is somewhat of a mixed example, as it's a female name in Japan, and a male name in Eastern Europe. Genius Ditz : Both of the Angels tend to act like some variety of the Brainless Beauty until it's time to get dangerous.

And sometimes, even then Girls with Guns : Probably kicked off the genre, at least within anime. Godzilla Threshold : The Lovely Angels are the absolute last resort. When Danny is murdered, we don't see his face getting blown apart.

Instead, it occurs offscreen with a sickening squelch sound, accompanied by some viscera hitting Kei in the face. Grand Theft Me : One TV episode has the Angels hired by a space travel magnate to deliver a ransom to a woman who'd kidnapped his young heir; the Action Prologue for the episode has the "kidnapper" rescue him from an arranged marriage. See Time Dilation for what happens next.

Hair Colors : Kei's is supposed to be red, but it usually looks orange, if not pink. Yuri's hair is described in the novels as black, but Adam Warren's is the only adaptation that doesn't change it to blue or violet. Heterosexual Life-Partners : The trope was started by editors trying to figure out where to place Kei and Yuri's partnership. Sometimes extrapolated by fans to Girls' Love. Human Popsicle : The reason why Kei and Yuri never showed up in Crusher Joe aside from their cameo in the movie, as confirmed by a light novel that has them waking up from said cryogenic stasis in the year , which is after the events of Crusher Joe.

The former is a case of Name's the Same while the latter is just has their names being one letter off Impossibly Cool Clothes : Those "battle bikinis" again. In the Blood : All members of Lucifer are related to each other by blood—even very and that is very distant relatives are scouted for recruitment by way of playing the " I Am Your Father " card. Kill All Humans : B. Leaning on the Fourth Wall : In the original series, when Yuri suggests that if life were a TV show, a hunk would offer them a lift.

Cue an old man. Lemony Narrator : Takachiho's original stories are depending on whom you ask either annoyingly marred or significantly enlivened by being narrated by Kei.

Her accounts of the Angels' adventures include bizarre, tangential, and frequently titillating details she will tell you, in detail, how good her butt looks in uniform ; occasional putdowns of Yuri, who's often depicted rather suspiciously as slightly vain and constantly on the make for potential paramours, especially if she can steal them from Kei; and what can only be described as ploys to gain the audience's sympathy. Light Novels : The original source material of the franchise.

Flash also spawned a separate Light Novel series, which didn't last as long as the originals. Lingerie Scene : One episode of the anime series has Kei running around in a bra and panties. Calico points out that he aced his marksmanship courses, but Kei is painfully aware he has no field experience. His blunders he has enthusiasm, but little else manage to get Kei captured, Strapped to an Operating Table , and about to relive the laser scene from Goldfinger before Yuri can come to their rescue.

Locked in a Freezer : Kei gets trapped in a refrigerator in the final TV episode, in an incident involving the last piece of cheesecake and a fire extinguisher. All it does is give her a cold. Logic Bomb : Kei manages to pull this on the supercomputer B.

Lovable Rogue : Carson D. Lovely Angels : The Trope Namer. Mad Scientist : Professor Wattsman.

Dirty pair anime breast

Dirty pair anime breast