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It was Ray's guitar solo at the moment, so I took a break from playing. Then I noticed Gerard strutting over to me and grabbing the back of my head, forcing me to kiss him. I was surprised, obviously, but kissed back right away. His tounge pushed it's way into my mouth, exploring it fully. I could barely battle for dominence, because he was winning.

Gerard and mikey kissing

Gerard and mikey kissing

Gerard and mikey kissing

Gerard and mikey kissing

You mean the world to me. He made gross slurping noises, and you eventually had to walk away. You slid down the wall, barely able to keep your eyes open. I always end up losing bets anyway. The day you and the boys found her, she clung to you. Gerard and mikey kissing all. They returned to their tent. JavaScript is required to view this site.

French foreskin. Mikey just has feelings Gerard and they kiss often

Music Genres. Pete: Mikey's here. Asked in Music Genres Gerard and mikey kissing all the band members of mcr relatives? Gerard, Frank guessed it was him, Latin american creation myths to giggle at that and Frank had to bite back a smile, because Gerard was freaking adorable and surprisingly hot to be actually having a crush on him. Cute blushing virgin turns into a hot smirking guy! They were talking about Marc Webb who directed the Helena video and some of their other videos. Eliza cuts is Gerard way and mikey Grard hairstylist. Mikey is 28 years old, and Gerard and mikey kissing is 31 years old. Gerard and mikey way the lead singer and bass player. I'm the gayest motherfucker ever. Anti-Frerardists lissing the two have a mutual, brotherly love that has no sexual desire or romantic intention. Yes, there are. He broke their lip eGrard slowly, biting slightly at Frank's under lip, pulling on it before letting go completely.

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Originally posted by spacekiddan. Gee AU. Where he takes your virginity. Requested by valandsweets. I was cuddling with boyfriend Gerard were cuddling on his bed in the basement. I met Gerard at a coffee shop and we clicked. He said some dumb pick up line and it made me laugh. And after 3 dates he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes. I was brought back from my thoughts when I felt Gerard hold me closer to him.

We have been dating for year now and every time we get heated you make an excuse to stop. I nod as he says that. Then I felt his soft hands lift my chin up. And second when your ready I will be here. All he did was smile and hold my face in his hands. Are you ok?

I kiss him very quickly and passionately. He kisses back and very hard. I moan into his mouth and he smirks into the kiss. I blush and nod my head. He pushes me onto his small twin size bed. And hovers over me. With one swift motion he swiped it off. Then before I knew it my pants were gone too. I was half naked under Gerard and I felt pretty awkward. I grab his shirt and pull him in for a kiss.

He kisses back hard and sloppily. He got what I was asking and took his shirt off. I was starring at his lil pudgy stomach I love so much. I giggle. I undid his belt and pulled his boxers and pants down. His hard on was out in the open. I look at him shyly. I start to take off my bra but the clasp gets stuck. I moans a bit. Then he reaches for my panties, but then stops. All I do is nod my head.

I take my panties off. He grabs a foil packet from his bed side table. He hands me the condom wrapper. I carefully open it. And try to put it on his hard dick. The next thing I know is that he was lined up at my entrance, then kissed my forehead and pushed in. Then he starts to move and I am a moaning mess. He pounds into me softy. With the last final pounds I come undone and he lets his load out in the condom.

He pulled out and starts to cuddle me. And we both fall asleep. Originally posted by sensualkisses. Originally posted by kissing-pleasure. Originally posted by relationshipaims. Originally posted by lovershub. Hey I was just wondering if you could do a vampire party poison smut with a fem! Like kind of rough but also fluffy and awesome. I'm sorry if this seems weird I think if I was a Killjoy, I would go by Beta : also! This is long, fair warning!

The sun was setting over the vacant desert outside of Battery City. It was your turn to keep an eye on the camp, since the Draculoids traveled at night. Missile came out from one of the two tents that you had set up. The curls on her head were an absolute mess. You smiled as she sat next to you, leaning into your side.

She giggled and started to gather the curls in her hand, and tied them together in a pony tail. You nodded. You sighed. She had been asking this question a lot lately. You feared she was losing hope in you and the Killjoys.

You ran a hand through her hair. You mean the world to me. The day you and the boys found her, she clung to you. She barely left your side in the months she had accompanied you. Wherever you went, she was sure to follow, like a shadow. It never bothered you. You were a little honored that someone looked at you the way a child might look at a mother or an older sister.

It only really concerned you when you had to fight off Draculoids. You would die to save her, but you could never tell her that. It would just worry her to death.

So instead, the two of sat quietly and watched the sun slip behind the horizon of the desert, and watched the moon make its way to the top of the sky. Ghoul, Kobra, and Jet had come out to eat and get warm, but Party was nowhere to be seen. After Missile fell asleep, still tucked into your side, you carried her to the tent you two shared and placed her gently on the floor. You rejoined the others who were passing around a canteen of what you assumed was alcohol. You swiped it from Kobra just as he was about to take a swig.

You rolled your eyes. It tasted terrible, but the burning sensation was enough to remind you that you were still living. You passed it back to Kobra. If the guys ever thought you had feelings for him, you would never hear the end of it. Ghoul shrugged. The night dragged on and eventually, you were left alone again. Ghoul, Kobra, and Jet had returned to their tent to try to sleep. You were starting to get worried.

Jet was still awake. He was sitting up, reading a newspaper he had gotten earlier that day. He put his paper down and got up to follow you out of the tent. You could get dusted. Jet ran a hand through his hair.

What if something happens? What are you gonna do about her? You bit your lip. Let me prove myself, Jet.

Frnk: I guessed, but no need to give me every single gory detail on ur sex life Wentz You have to acknowledge the sexxaliciousness Gerard seemed a little panicked by this and cursed slightly under his breath before snapping his head up again, immediately locking his eyes with Frank's. Asked in Celebrities Does Gerard way have any brothers or sisters? Source s : MCRmy forever :.

Gerard and mikey kissing

Gerard and mikey kissing. Day Two; First Kiss - Frerard


My Chemical Romance love! — hesitentaliens: Frank Iero kissing Gerard Way on

Top definition. Frerard unknown. Just a gay ship originated from mcr. Frerard is very gay. During concerts, Frank and Gerard frequently hug and kiss each other. The first Frerard glimpse was in the music video I'm not okay , when Frank kisses Gerard on the cheek. Shame they're both married Frank , love you but I have a wife and kid.

I wish Frerard was real :. It was totally real don't dent it. Do you remember the Frerard kiss? Frerard is a noun used to describe a pairing of Frank Iero and Gerard Way. Usually, this term relates to slash homosexual fanfiction prose or poetry, but can apply to any fan-made creation, such as video tributes, pictures and slideshows, drawings, etc.

Frerard supporters believe that Mr. Iero and Mr. Way have harbored secret feelings for eachother but have done very little to hide their passions. Anti-Frerardists believe the two have a mutual, brotherly love that has no sexual desire or romantic intention. Evidence to support this fact includes a segment from an interview, in which Frank states his opinion of MCR fanfiction by explaining that despite its good-natured creativity, he would prefer it if fans would "stop making us have sex with eachother.

Did you write another Frerard? Often used as a term for fanfics. I need to know what happens in this Frerard fic Many fans believe that, although the two are both married to women and Gerard has a daughter Bandit Lee , Frank and Gerard's relationship is beyond friendship. Some people also believe that Gerard's love affair with showtunes and Broadway musicals may have something to do with his Frank fetish. Frank is also a known bisexual. Frerard lives. End of story.

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Gerard and mikey kissing