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Timothy M. Brennan aka "Blondie" [1] born March 2, and Robert Ladd born February 19, joined the Compton Police Department as officers in and , respectively. In , they were promoted to become Compton's two-man gang unit. The police department could only afford to have two people at the time, even though many smaller cities typically had up to four times as many. As the gang unit, Brennan and Ladd were responsible for dealing with and investigating over fifty-five gangs in the

Milwaukee detective named blondie

Milwaukee detective named blondie

Milwaukee detective named blondie

Messages: 12, Likes Milwaukee detective named blondie 1, Trophy Points: Father who turned Mlwaukee family court to stop his son, 7, from transitioning to detecrive girl and claims his ex-wife You can view today's paper or previous Vid x. Schwartz, who declined to identify the officer, said he has not been disciplined since joining the force. The last I heard he is going to law school in Madison. Ruthless is due for release in both countries on May 3.

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Retrieved February detechive, Milwaukee detective named blondie Training of Lisa Luv. In the summer ofthe band appeared in a bit part in the film Roadie starring Meat Loaf. A second single, " Sugar on the Side ", was released digitally in the United States in Milwaukee detective named blondie After college, Bembenek worked in retail and had a detectiev stint as a model. Harry continued her moderately successful solo career after the band broke up, releasing albums in and which helped keep the band in the public eye. Blondie in The 4-year-old girl was sleeping in the back seat. Run, Bambi, Run. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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  • Officer Paul Weiler and eight other members of the Milwaukee Police Department were killed when a bomb exploded in the department's central police station.
  • Its first two albums contained strong elements of these genres, and although successful in the United Kingdom and Australia, Blondie was regarded as an underground band in the United States until the release of Parallel Lines in
  • Her story garnered national attention after she escaped from Taycheedah Correctional Institution and was recaptured in Canada, an episode which inspired books, movies and the slogan "Run, Bambi, Run".

Timothy M. Brennan aka "Blondie" [1] born March 2, and Robert Ladd born February 19, joined the Compton Police Department as officers in and , respectively. In , they were promoted to become Compton's two-man gang unit.

The police department could only afford to have two people at the time, even though many smaller cities typically had up to four times as many. As the gang unit, Brennan and Ladd were responsible for dealing with and investigating over fifty-five gangs in the They have served as the primary or assisting investigating officers on hundreds of gang-related murders and thousands of gang-related shootings, and witnessed instances of gang-related rapes, robberies, drive-by shootings , and shootings at police officers.

Brennan and Ladd were present in Compton during the burgeoning days of Gangsta rap when it began in the s and knew many of the artists involved in what would become hip hop genre. In the '80s, when Brennan and Ladd were a presence on the Compton streets, a young DJ Quik had an underground rap song called "Blondie," describing Brennan. Brennan and Ladd each retired from law enforcement in and currently reside in Orange County, CA.

They are still actively involved in providing gang training to schools, businesses, federal and local police and prosecutors across the country, U. They have provided gang-related intelligence and evidence for prosecution for law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies across the country.

As gang investigators, they travel extensively throughout California, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Washington, Arizona, and Iowa on gang-related investigations. Brennan's family had a long history in construction and law enforcement. His father Richard and brothers Mike and Pat were carpenters. His mother Madeleine had been a longtime secretary and matron for the Park Ridge Police Department, and both of his grandfathers and his great uncle were Chicago cops from the s through the s and had worked through the gang wars of Al Capone and the Italian gangsters against Bugs Moran and the Irish gangsters.

Brennan joined the U. Coast Guard Reserve at seventeen while still in high school. He worked construction by day and got his high school diploma by going to school at night.

He stored his bike and, as his money dwindled, slept in his truck. He eventually found construction work and got an apartment in downtown Long Beach. He met his wife Kathy when they were in junior high, attended high school with her, and they were married shortly after graduating. Ladd worked several different construction jobs until he decided that he wanted to become a police officer.

Even though Compton was not ranked nationally because the population was under ,, the city consistently had murder rates topping the nation's major cities. In the fall of that year, Brennan met his future wife, JoAnna Ramirez, who also worked for the department.

Two-and-a-half years later they married and had two children, Brian born and Jamie born In , year-old Ladd was fresh out of the police academy. He had been working as a reserve officer at the Garden Grove Police Department.

By this time, Ladd had one child, his son Brian, and his wife was pregnant with his daughter Shannon. His pregnant wife Kathy was working as a waitress at Coco's Restaurant. Ladd was working several days a week at the Garden Grove Police Department trying to learn how to be a cop, but he needed a full-time position.

During that time, however, Garden Grove P. Ladd started applying everywhere. One of his arrest and control tactical officers during his time in the academy was a guy from the Huntington Beach Police Department named Barry Case. Case had started his career at the Compton Police Department and Ladd could tell the man loved his time there from the war stories he told. Case had advised Ladd and others in the academy that if they wanted to be a real cop, go work for Compton.

Compton had been among the many police departments where Ladd had put in an application and they were the first to offer him a position. Remembering Barry Case's words and wanting to learn real police work, he took the job. In , Brennan and Ladd became partners and remained a team for the next 15 years, until when the Compton Police Department closed. Even though the police department was predominantly African-American, Brennan and Ladd, who are both white, were promoted because of their reputation for being exceptional at gang work and the regard they had among gang members and citizens who often felt they could be trusted to treat them with respect and humanity.

Their sergeant, Reggie Wright Sr. It didn't take Brennan and Ladd long to start infiltrating gangs, solving murders, and drive-by shootings. Over the next twelve years, they developed an exceptional level of expertise regarding the dynamics of gang culture.

James had just gotten hired full-time as a police officer in Northern California and was working his last night as a part of the Compton force. Brennan and Ladd were a part of the task force that was formed in the wake of these murders that ultimately led to the arrest and conviction of Thomas, who was sentenced to California's Death Row. Both men retired from active duty in law enforcement in , but still act as consultants on gang training and are experts on the Los Angeles Riots, the Tupac Shakur murder case, and the murder of The Notorious B.

Brennan was appointed as the Compton PD representative. This was his first task force. Brennan divided his time between investigating ongoing shootings and murders in Compton with his task force investigations. Thousands of hours of video were reviewed and hundreds of gang members and others were identified in numerous crimes and numerous arrests were made.

From to , he was assigned to The Notorious B. Brennan wrote a location gang warrant affidavit that chronicled the investigation into these shootings. He was quoted in a September 7, article in the Los Angeles Times ,: [7]. I believe Tupac's murder could have been solved--and it still could be," said Tim Brennan, a Compton gang investigator now with the Sheriff's Department. What the investigation lacked was input from detectives who understood the gangs involved and how they operate and who all the players are.

I believe justice could still be served. Brennan and Ladd are currently working with writers and producers developing a dramatic television series inspired by their experiences in the Compton Gang Unit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chicago , Illinois , U. Hawthorne , California , U. Main article: Regis Deon Thomas. Los Angeles Times. Hidden categories: Articles with hCards All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Compton Gang Unit Timothy M. Brennan and Robert Ladd in s.

The name derived from comments made by truck drivers who catcalled "Hey, Blondie" to Harry as they drove past. Police Chief Alfonso Morales gave Collins a last-chance agreement covering the next two years. Though Destri's stint in rehab was successful, he was not invited back into the band. The band signed with Private Stock Records and their debut album, Blondie , was issued in December but was initially not a commercial success. The album's release date was finally set for mid without the involvement of a major record label.

Milwaukee detective named blondie

Milwaukee detective named blondie

Milwaukee detective named blondie. We Looked at 153 Private Investigators serving Milwaukee and Picked the Top 10


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Log in or Sign up. Messages: 8, Likes Received: 13 Trophy Points: 0. Christopher Thomas case opens with photos of abuse Trial begins for aunt in beatings that killed boy, hurt his 2-year-old sister Perhaps in years to come, jurors will forget the horrific story they heard Monday during opening statements in the Christopher Thomas murder trial.

It is less likely they'll forget the pictures. There were six of them, projected on a large screen left of the defendant, Crystal Keith, who slumped in her chair, her arms crossed on the defense table. The first photograph was of month-old Christopher shortly after his death on Nov. His head inclines to the right, an angry red welt raised on his forehead. The second is of the back of his head, swollen from the beating police say Keith inflicted on the boy the day before.

Four were of Christopher's 2-year-old sister. SewingDeb , May 6, Warning: graphic description of child abuse. On tape, aunt recounts abuse Jurors hear detectives' interview with Thomas' caregiver the night of beating It starts with the sound of handcuffs unlatching and the scraping of chairs on a police station floor: the three-hour recording of Crystal Keith's confession, which prosecutors played for a jury Tuesday in the Christopher Thomas reckless homicide trial.

Jurors winced, rubbed their faces and shook their heads as they followed along with the page transcript of the interview with detectives. Keith, 24, charged with beating month-old Christopher to death and torturing his 2-year-old sister for months, sat at the defense table seemingly unable to lift her head as the recording recounted one horrific incident after another. Messages: 12, Likes Received: 1, Trophy Points: Lovejac , May 6, Lovejac, I am wondering the same thing.

She faces up to 75 years. It makes me wonder what worth we place on very young, innocent children. The uncle is also charged with not protecting Christopher Thomas' sister. Why isn't he charged with not protecting Christopher as well? He was the foster father of both and lived in the household. Messages: 17, Likes Received: Trophy Points: 0.

This makes my heart hurt. I just don't know what to say, bless their hearts. Kat , May 6, This article is from February Foster father charged with failing to protect Christopher Thomas' sister The man whose wife has been charged with the beating death of month-old Christopher Thomas was charged Friday with failing to report months of abuse endured by Christopher's 2-year-old sister.

Reginald Keith is the children's uncle. He and his wife, Crystal Keith, became the children's kinship foster parents in June , several months after the state-run Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare removed the siblings from their parents' home and placed them in temporary foster homes. I am NOT a violent person, by any means, but, I do believe that if this evil monster was in front of me As she is describing the torture she inflicted on these children, it's as if she is describing making dinner.

I need to leave this thread for a while, I'm afraid I might lose it and say something that will get me banned! God Bless the sister, I pray she is in the care of a loving, wonderful family. Kat, it hurts my heart too. One of the articles lists the visits by DCF How could the miss the injuries to his sister?

This case is reportedly a catalyst for change in the department. I hope they make some real changes that will head off deaths. That supervisor, however, will be in an administrative position and will not work directly with children or families, said Ann Umhoefer, chief administrative officer for St.

This is from last year: Another couple tried to help abused baby Grandparents say agency rebuffed them Two months before police say month-old Christopher L. Thomas Jr. The children, however, were never moved. Two of the couples have said they alerted the child welfare bureau to possible abuse.

This is also from last year: Boy who was abused laid to rest Grief succumbs to anger as family, friends of boy's parents clash; father injured The emotional funeral of Christopher L. Christopher's foster mother, Crystal P. Keith, was charged last week with beating the month-old boy to death and with torturing his 2-year-old sister, who remains hospitalized. Keith is married to the brother of the child's father, also named Christopher Thomas.

Thomas, 22, who is serving a work release term on a drug conviction, attended the service with several friends and family.

He sat in the first row of the Serenity Funeral Home chapel near the baby's year-old mother, Candace Glover. Messages: 4, Likes Received: 79 Trophy Points: I'm speechless. Nothing that could be done to this woman that would befit the crime she's committed. Dragging her behind a truck on her way to hell wouldn't be enough. Messages: 1, Likes Received: 3 Trophy Points: 0. There is no excuse for this. WHY did the caseworker not see this abuse?

They are supossed to see the children once a month. It does not matter if they are in kinship care or not. They have to be checked on. They are supossed to speak to the children away from the caregivers to make sure everything is ok. NOT easy I know because I've done it. I'll never ever understand how someone can abuse a child in this way or anyway. They will have to pay for their crimes if not on earth then in after life. I feel the same way lizzybeth. I have to wonder if the worker actually made those visits or just put dates in the file.

Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2 Trophy Points: 0. Columbo , May 6, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 0. Chezhire , May 6, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Milwaukee detective named blondie

Milwaukee detective named blondie