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Skip to main content. Related Poems. This One's for a Star. This one goes for a star beyond comprehension His eyes doth see, but not mine, but I see his Outstanding hues of blues You give me love You give me your time You give me happiness You gave me life You gave me a reason to live You gave me your

Poem for someone i wanna meet

Poem for someone i wanna meet

Poem for someone i wanna meet

These scars here are r e a l. When I read this poem, it reminded me of my friend Todd. Broken Love. We are that perfect for each other. What you Cannot Know. This poem reminds me of my soul mate that I'm with now. Having seen her face, with a smile After a long long time Smiled my heart he's glad and drew her Poem for someone i wanna meet face in the crimson Though when we meet,Fast does my heart The human This fear

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If you would like to leave a comment of your own, please Vote for this poem. It actually made me a little emotional, haha. We Poem for someone i wanna meet in love the moment we met. And I pray that we stay together down the road, but I'm pretty sure we will. We fell in love meef two months and are going to meet soon. You and Eli are my everything. I only met my boyfriend just last year and it feels like I Porm him forever. I have Radiator pet cock valve kids that are disabled. I told you I'd never leave because Powm the feelings I have inside. If we have a current address, we'll send your message to them for you. Me and my wife we been married over a year and a half!

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  • I met a wonderful man through the Internet and we began to talk, growing to know one another.
  • By Helen Hignett.
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I met a wonderful man through the Internet and we began to talk, growing to know one another. And while going through my old poems, I came across this one. It described Drey and I so well that I knew I had to keep this poem, sort of like a memory of my feelings, of how I felt towards him before I even met him.

A Few Visitor Comments marleyy This poem is beautiful, its just the situation Im in at the moment, very true in what it says David I enjoyed the pome very much. Dave Grace It's absolutely beautiful. I'm in a long distance relationship with someone on the other side of the world. It's the hardest thing I've ever gone through.

Wonderful poem. I have never met my partner. This poem is so true to my life. All poetry is copyright by the individual authors. All other material on this web site, unless otherwise noted, is Copyright by Ron Carnell and Passions in Poetry. Visitor Login. Famous Poems Poetry Greeting Cards. About the Poem I met a wonderful man through the Internet and we began to talk, growing to know one another.

A Few Visitor Comments marleyy. This poem is beautiful, its just the situation Im in at the moment, very true in what it says. It's absolutely beautiful. Want to share this poem with a friend? You can email the whole poem not just a link directly to your friend, with a personal message from you. If this poem touched you, please take a moment to Vote for the poem and perhaps leave a comment telling us why. Artistically inclined? You can use this poem in a graphical greeting card, designed by you, and then send it to a friend.

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You can subscribe to this author and we'll let you know any time they publish a new poem with us. Thank you. I really liked this poem because it totally reflects what I'm going through right now. But the guy online lives to far away. I just LOVE your poem! It makes me think of me, and my internet relationship with my hubby Zac. It really inspired me! I loved this poem so much.

It's exactly what I'm going through. I've wanted to write some peoms about it but I haven't been able to find the right words. Now I have.

Great job, it's perfect. I felt like I couldn't possibly love this great guy cause I've never met him, and no one ever falls in love with someone over the internet. Now I know I'm not alone, and that it is possible, and it is real. This poem spoke to me when I read it. It was saying exactly what I was feeling. It is a beautiful poem. Thank you for writing it. I was looking for a poem to send to my love in chicago and this fits us perfectly.

He lives in the U. S, I live in the Caribbean , we are not sure when we are going to meet. This poem touch me and my partner who is currently in Taiwan. My partner will come home soon here in the Philippines and would love to see me in person this July. Very lovely poem and very true to what am now experiencing. Have long distance relationship from online and waiting for my new love to come here to america. I vote for this poem it say it all until i meet my friend that i meet on the internet.

Thank you so much for putting your poem on here, it makes me feel like im not weird for liking him how i do even though we have not met. I loved this poem.

It is everthing that I want to tell him. Even though we have never met he is the one that I will love for the rest of my life. Without him my life is empty. I cant wait to be with him in a few months. The poem really touch me in many ways. My boyfriend sent this to me in an e-mail one day and I burst into tears, for right then I fell in love with him again. We've been waiting for two long, painful years now - Hoping next year we'll finally see each other IRL.

I sent your poem to him via email. I hope he loves it as much as I do. Keep up the great work! This poem i can really relate too. I've fallen in love with soemone online and I;ve been with him for over a year and a half now and he's comming to see me in about a month.

I've been searching for poems wich can finally relate to this expirience and to find other people in which share the somewhat same expirience in finding a soulmate or even just a great friend online. I wish all luck in you lives together with that one person. I very rarely go out of my way to LOOK for poetry. I have been with my lovely tiffany for 7 months now. Even though im only 21 years old There will never be another like her.

I love her with everything i have in me, and i know she loves me back. This poem is not only wonderful on its own, but its also wonderful in the eyes of those who know. I want to thank the author for what im feeling inside right now. A new level of anticipation and love. This is a great poem. The first time i read it just hit me that it fits so much like i feel about a girl that i love and hope to meet one day and be together forever.

Its a great all around poem for distant lovers. I met someone on line and after millions of words exchanged we fell in love. We're going to meet in 59 days and i was looking for the perfect poem to send him. This is it. Thank you so much! This poem is absolutely great. It describes the woman I just recently met on the internet and I can't wait til I meet her and everything just seems so dull without her in my life, I'm surprised how I've lived as long without her in it.

OMG this poem is so nice i love it. This is a wonderful poem. I might be 16 but he is the one and i know it true. But he lives in las vegas abd i live fresno.

Hey girl this poem speaks out for so many people in the world. I have a love on the net and its so funny how people can fall in love without even meeting. Well girl keep up the good work! Im sitting here nearly crying, I met a person on the internet and I tell him I love him every day and mean it from the bottom of my heart. Im glad im not alone in this, thank you. The exact same feelings but i couldn't find the words to express it.

If he doesn't appreciate what you're trying to do for him, then we suggest you dump him and find a man that will truly love you for who you are, and it will put a smile on your face. There are 26 Additional Visitor Comments click to read them. From South Carolina. Famous Poems Poetry Greeting Cards. If he gets mad over that, leave or keep believing. Wonderful poem. This poem is not only wonderful on its own, but its also wonderful in the eyes of those who know.

Poem for someone i wanna meet

Poem for someone i wanna meet

Poem for someone i wanna meet. Count Dracula


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Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Tommy Randell Dec It is somehow breaking the natural order of things to use words alone of all viable means in setting out the wind-waves and rivulets of ideas internally flowing - but I must try and get something out for once. I circle in bad phrases prickling with the itchiness of sharing, I send out a few vague words horrified and perplexed at their translation now they are naked knowing you too listen and they are at last unalterable.

Talk travels the spaces between us through the clear air in the kind of silence surviving bones may know swinging in a wind. The warm comes without sound. This is only the edge of a becoming. We are not trapped in the lips - already we lean inward to know of each other and to give not words for the wind but a dance at ease with all that flows.

Continue reading In a Bored Meeting Limerick. Think of me, just my tongue gliding from the bottom to the very tip, Dreaming only of a tasteful sip Under the table If I'm able To catch just a simple drip.

Pagan Paul Jun 7. Chance Meeting. Chance is being in the right place at the right time, coinciding with the orbit of another searching the aspirations that you to seek. A connection needs attention, a compliment, a smile, an enquiry of mutual interest that engages instantly. The abdication of convenient norms, a shift in behaviour, adopting a new travel direction.

It requires no discrimination, but an open welcoming mind, conjoining parallel convergence, Meeting. Juhlhaus Jun Every Now and Then. Every now and then, Someone lights up your world Like breaking weather, Scattering the clouds And baptizing your soul In a deluge of colors.

Every now and then, Someone captures emotions Like bluebottle flies In a jar, only to release, Too delighted ever To pin them with names. Every now and then, Someone glows like Traffic Lights And points you to new roads They've traveled on before: Ways that part and meet again, Every now and then.

Meera Apr Our last meeting. Do you remember our last meeting? The last time we saw each other before separating our ways The last time you looked deep into my eyes The last time I held your hand The last time I listened to your heart beats and breaths The last time I brushed your hairs with my fingers The last time I saw you smile The last time you saw me cry The last time I felt the warmth of your arms around me And the last time we were so close that there wasn't enough space for air to pass through.

Do you still remember anything? Cause I have forgotten nothing. Path Humble Jun Allah sent you to me so I could reward you! Paul Hansford Oct We wanted to see the locals, certainly, but only to look in a respectful way.

But crossing the road you dropped your book — Torah or commentary, how was I to know? I picked up the book, ran after you. Not knowing how to address you, I touched your sleeve.

You turned to me, took the proffered book without a word, and looked at me. Your eyes, beneath your strange hat, between your side-curls, showed no expression. You turned away. Was your garment unclean now? Did the volume need to be purified? I was only returning your book. L Aug You do the math. Does it make sense yet? Okay, nevermind. Lyndsey May Meeting you. The hours tick away between us you're captivating my mind, I should heed the warning Beautiful words flow along my spine, I feel the tantalizing pull, bitter sweet ; roses with thorns A challenge met with enchantment entangles my senses.

Dominic Thompson Apr Meeting You. I fell asleep to the music and memories of you I got high off the remnants of your lingering perfume Caught in my jacket that you wore They say we're all destined for one other Thought that was you Guess I was wrong Do you remember the place we first met?

I do My darkest times My weakest of moments You took me in Fixed me and my broken soul Healed me from my shattered self You showed me the good in life Just as I had seen the bad I only found it got worse You gave and gave But little did I know You could take and take just as easily.

I made many mistakes in my time But there is one I regret above all Meeting you Guess you'll find me at the same place we first met My darkest times My weakest moments And my broken heart. Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza Mar Raizel Nov We've met again. We have met again, After such a long time We sat across each other As I listened to your voice.

We have met again, And for such a short time I got lost in your eyes As you were talking. We have met again, And then we left But in that final hug You still felt like home. We have met again, And I couldn't let go Cause my heart Is still beating for you.

We've met again, after quite some time I only wanted a quick hug but I couldn't let go, you still felt like home, your smell was still like home, my heart was pounding through my chest, yelling so hard at me for making you leave Armand-DeamoJC Aug Suicide; the answer. To all the goodbyes I say goodnight To everyone that dies I hope it's bright To everyone; With a razor Hand of pills Tied rope Dangling keys Extreme height below Finger over a light trigger Electricity at hand Open propane tank Empty plate, with full glass Stop, think about who you're leaving behind I know my words aren't going to stop you, but just read Did you bother to write and leave a note?

Is it worth it then? Saying you're sorry, knowing you'll leave someone behind? Think about why you're doing it Do you have nobody? Think about your opportunities that'll fly past The chance of ever meeting someone?

Did you lose someone? Think about if you'll actually see them again? Being bullied? Fight back, with whatever you have Life shoved you down? No, I'm not asking you to get up! Skyfall Want to shoot? Paintball and games Want to hang? Bungee Want to overdose? Cook a nice meal, invite a friend or family. Surround yourself. No friends and family? Find a friend, build a family. Want to speed wrong side of the road?

Speed on the right side of the road and get carried with the wind, do it over again Want to cut yourself? Cut off the pain and wrong influences Electrocute yourself? Rather save electricity and watch a good movie with friends or family. Have none? Watch a movie alone, play a game online. Make friends, build a family Want to starve yourself so you can get drunker and finally forget it all, when your liver gives in? Drink with friends. I've tried many things, some of them didn't work out, or I couldn't stay awake longer.

Create new dreams if the old ones died. Work hard for them. Remember it's a one way ticket. I'm suicidal myself. Been for a long time. Just speak to me. Speak to someone. Next page.

Poem for someone i wanna meet

Poem for someone i wanna meet