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Redclouds adult id

Redclouds adult id

Redclouds adult id

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  • All models, actors, actresses and other persons that appear in any visual portrayal of actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct appearing on, or otherwise contained in, this Website were over the age of eighteen 18 at the time the visual image was produced.

All models, actors, actresses and other persons that appear in any visual portrayal of actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct appearing on, or otherwise contained in, this Website were over the age of eighteen 18 at the time the visual image was produced.

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Tenten's eyes drifted open and her fevered mind grasped for the hope that the last few months of her life had been a bad dream. Those hopes were dashed when the bare stone walls and uncaring steel door of the prison cell she occupied swam into focus.

Tenten's back was on fire. She shifted slightly from where she lay on her stomach on the cold stone floor, and the pain intensified as the movement tugged at the fresh scabs covering the crisscrossing slashes from shoulder to waist left by the kiss of a whip.

That pain had become an old friend. A thick tracery of lash marks bore testament to repeated beatings, new cuts crossing over healing scars. Between her legs Tenten ached fiercely, from… her mind skittered away from those memories.

Madness lay that way, and she was clinging to sanity by a thread. Tenten lay still, taking shallow breaths and trying not to move. Moving hurt too much. Moving reminded her of the fresh wounds, the recent scars, the bone-deep bruises and cracked ribs. Her mouth was as dry as the desert that surrounded Sunagakure, and hunger gnawed at her gut like a feral animal trying to escape.

Food and water had stopped arriving through the slit beneath the cell door two days ago. When she'd realized that nothing was coming and she didn't hear any footsteps outside she'd fought the pain long enough to crawl to the door and pound on it with the hand that had the fewest broken fingers. She had yelled with a voice gone hoarse from screaming, to no avail. No one had responded. No one was coming. Tenten's eyes closed; she lacked the energy to keep them open but hurt too much to sleep.

Now when Tenten closed her eyes, and sometimes even when they were open, the lines between the past and the present blurred. Tenten was four years old, standing outside her father's forge, watching with wide eyes as her papa taught her older brothers his trade.

She was eight years old, attending the Shinobi Academy. Tenten was twelve, fighting tears as Hyuuga Neji and Rock Lee outclassed her, and her sensei Maito Gai questioned her dedication to being a kunoichi. She was fourteen, accepting her chuunin vest from the Hokage, and the congratulations of a sensei who no longer doubted her resolve. She was seventeen, bruised but unbowed, standing on her feet at the end of the jounin exams, victorious. Then Tenten would blink, and once again she was eighteen and slowly dying of dehydration, alone and in pain and trapped in a cell of stone and steel that would soon be her grave.

The cell's steel door swung open. Tenten just stared, truly unafraid. A tall man with long, dark hair and a full face mask stepped into the cell. Her mind fuzzy, Tenten wondered who this was. None of her captors that she'd seen wore a full face mask. That wasn't right. The terrorists who had captured and tortured her for information — the Akatsuki, they called themselves — knew her name, but none cared enough to speak it.

The masked man leaned closer. She glanced at the tool pouch on his belt, full of kunai and shuriken. Was he there to give her a quick death, at least? One small mercy from the merciless? They had no pupils, but she knew that they saw everything. Seeing his face at the end was the cruelest hallucination yet. Neji's arms wrapped around her and he drew her close, careless of the dirt, blood and filth on her skin staining his uniform. Sensing her pain Neji drew back and she watched rage and horror flicker across his features as his byakugan took in her wounds.

Tenten closed her eyes, unable to look him in the face. Shame filled her as she realized his eyes would see everything her captors had done to her. I swear it. A woman with graying hair wearing the red-on-white shoulder badge of a medical ninja crouched beside Tenten and began to tend to her while Neji hovered nearby. Liar, Tenten thought sadly, how can it ever be all right again? A needle plunged into her arm, and warm darkness swallowed her. The three genin surrounding her as she stood in the center of the indoor training area did just that.

First, Tenten came under assault from a blur of green and red as Isamu Ken made his presence known. His head came up to her chest now, and sometimes she thought she would see the thirteen-year old growing if she watched him long enough.

Ken was a taijutsu specialist who had inherited his work ethic from his academy mentor Rock Lee, which Tenten considered a plus.

If only he hadn't inherited Lee's fashion sense, too, Tenten lamented silently. Ken's attachment to green jumpsuits and orange leg warmers was especially tragic because of the way they clashed with his buzz-cut red hair. His gray eyes were earnest and determined as he tried his best to strike her. It was Ken's eyes flickering to the side for a moment toward a faint buzzing sound that alerted Tenten to another of her genin entering the fray.

When the light from above dimmed and the droning got louder she decided it was time to go on the offensive. Tenten performed the substitution jutsu just as a cloud of kikai bugs engulfed the wooden training dummy she'd traded places with. Still twelve but just weeks away from her thirteenth birthday, Aburame Kaede was the youngest of Tenten's three genin. Underneath it she had short, curly brown hair and a coltish frame.

Kaede was perceptive and her reflective silvery eyes, hidden behind her clan's trademark dark glasses, processed information on the battlefield with astonishing quickness. As soon as she saw the dummy she knew her sensei was directly behind her and the kikai bugs reversed course in a roiling swarm.

Kaede's reflexes weren't yet as fast as her mind, however, so Tenten's kick hit her in the back in spite of her attempt to dodge, dropping the young Aburame onto the mats face-first. As soon as the kick was delivered Tenten was back on the defensive, ducking under a trio of shuriken that shot through the cloud of kikai bugs. The clever maneuver prevented her from seeing the whirling weapons until they were very close. Tenten was forced to use the blunted training kunai in her hand to deflect the second volley of projectiles before retaliating with some shuriken of her own.

Sporting the intense, brooding expression that her clan seemed to hand out on graduation from the Academy, Uchiha Amaya slipped to the side to avoid her sensei's throw before sprinting into melee range, a blur of blue and tan to match the green and red headed for Tenten from the other side.

Amaya was thirteen, a few months older than Ken. Her shoulder-length raven hair was tied back in a ponytail save for slender bangs that framed her face.

Her dark eyes were intent as she joined Ken in a coordinated assault. Tenten was pleased to see that the pair had come a long way in their taijutsu coordination since being assigned to her. After a year together they functioned well as a team against both single and multiple opponents, and when they both came at her Tenten was pleased that she had to put some effort into fending them off. Tenten let the pair wear away at her defenses until Kaede's kikai bugs advanced on her again.

When the insects drew close she threw her kunai at Amaya. That forced the Uchiha girl to dodge and retreat for a moment, giving Tenten an opening to drop a smoke bomb. The opaque cloud engulfed all three of them, and in the moment when Ken was disoriented by the loss of his vision Tenten caught a handful of his tunic and tripped him, sending him tumbling right into Amaya's path as she returned to the fray.

They collided and fell to the floor in a heap. That left two down for a moment, but while Kaede wasn't sending her bugs into the smoke, Tenten could sense from the cloud of tiny chakra signatures in the room that the Aburame girl had manipulated her swarm to surround the obscured area and the objects in the room she could substitute with.

That's my clever girl, Tenten thought before she dropped a few slips of paper on the ground, formed a hand sign and silently henged to change her appearance.

When Tenten burst out of the smoke looking like Amaya, the kikai bugs hesitated. That second of extra time was all she needed to close with Kaede, who had left herself unguarded in order to cover Tenten's escape routes from inside the cloud.

By the time the smoke dispersed enough to reveal the real Amaya and Ken climbing to their feet, it was too late for Kaede. The Aburame girl's taijutsu wasn't her strong point, and in three moves Tenten had Kaede on the floor in an arm lock, back pinned under her knee.

When the kikai bugs moved closer Tenten shook her head, drawing another blunted kunai and tapping it warningly against her student's cheek. The bugs halted their advance. Look down.

Tenten let go of Kaede and the Aburame girl climbed to her feet while her kikai bugs returned to her, swarming under her coat to return to their hive inside her body. Rubbing her neck and swallowing hard, Kaede looked at Tenten thoughtfully. Also, I should not have been so close to the training dummies at the start of the fight," she concluded.

On the other hand, your deployment of your kikai bugs was excellent, and you learned from your first mistake. You didn't let me get away with a second substitution. Ken hung his head. Tenten scowled and rapped Ken on his fuzzy head with her knuckles.

I've been a shinobi for a lot longer than you have; you're not going to beat me one-on-one just yet. Where did your teamwork fail? Ken mulled that over for a moment.

That means moving in sync with Amaya. Don't let an enemy separate you from her. Fighting together you can threaten or at least occupy someone at my level, and that's a good thing. Tenten looked at Amaya. That attack had speed, accuracy and an ideal distraction.

Redclouds adult id

Redclouds adult id