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Usually college life brings to mind things like living in a crappy apartment, eating ramen noodles, and wearing sweatpants. While the sweatpants thing might still be true, you can rest assured that around the country, some sorority women are living the campus high life, which includes marble staircases, million dollar mansions, and gourmet chefs. Looks like Greek life can be pretty sweet after all. By Michelle Li. By Kate Brown.

Top ten sorority

Top ten sorority

Top ten sorority

Pi Phis tend to be arrogant, and really don't care what people think of them, they seem to be above it all. They are known for hazing and weak sisterhood. They can be really etn to girls on the first day. Chi-Os are known for academics and being the Top ten sorority girls. I'm rushing KD in the fall. Alpha Delta Pi Website.

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Chi Omega — University of Arkansas 7. PierceGregoryParks 6 years ago. I like it but i think the 10 spot is contended. Alpha Phi at Top ten sorority of Colorado, Boulder. The oldest sorority of the Divine Nine—the historically black sororities and fraternities sorodity make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council—Alpha Kappa Alpha was born in at Howard University as the first Greek letter sorority founded Tpo African-American college-educated women. BillNyeTheFratGuy 6 years ago. Top ten sorority 6 years ago. The first African American Greek fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, is famous not because it was a first, but for the number of famous or Tiffany town whore alumni. Kicker 6 years ago. RebelDrinker 6 years ago. By: Yes! SNUBonny etn years ago. Alpha Phi at University of Mississippi. Chi Omega at Southern Methodist University. This charming home and well-manicured lawn is the perfect addition to beauty of Colorado's greenery.

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  • College is said to be the best four years of your life.
  • You would have heard of this because the forums lit up on GreekRank.

While college only last four years, the kinship of a sorority lasts a lifetime. While there is a long Hollywood tradition of using sorority houses as the setting for horror stories Scream Queens or The House on Sorority Row, for starters , but you can save those for your next late night sleep over if you dare.

She ran a tight ship as president of the sorority and knew how to engage her sisters and was an all-around effective leader. Spencer Grammer starred as Casey Cartwright, who is trying to balance life in a sorority, her final years at college, her love life, and helping her kinda nerdy little brother Rusty Jacob Zachar navigate the Greek system.

Luckily her Zeta Beta Zeta sisters were there to help her through it all. When trouble hit and the Acapella Collegiate Organization pulled them from their tour and stripped them of their title, they stuck together, and came out on top with style.

At first he struggles to fit in on campus, but when everyone sees his impressive dance moves, he soon finds himself as the hottest commodity on campus.

Rival fraternities battle it out to get him to join so they can have him on their team in the upcoming dance competition. Southern sororities are an honored tradition for many collegiate women, and their stunning living quarters reflect just how much care goes into their image.

Mac and Kelly Radner Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne have the perfect little home for their growing family, but that all changes when the Delta Psi Beta fraternity moves in next door and throws all-night ragers.

They try to make friends with the frat brothers and their president Teddy Zac Efron , but it quickly erupts into a full-scale prank war. The Radners only hope is Teddy. The battle begins after a disastrous pledge week that left Sara as a Delta, while Katie joined the rival Kappa house.

When misogynist frat boys Dave Barry Watson , Adam Michael Rosenbaum , and Doofer Harland Williams find themselves accused of a crime and expelled from their frat house, they decide their only option to stay on campus is to —wait for it—join a sorority.

They roll up to Delta Omicron Gamma or D. This movie is best viewed as a prequel to the Tom Hanks sitcom Bosom Buddies. When a group of men hit the sweet spot between mid-life crises and failed relationships they realize there is only one option—start a fraternity and re-live their glory days. After a series of wild parties, the dean exacts his revenge and, as per usual, the frat must band together or risk expulsion or, worse, being forced to go back to their real adult lives.

Would any story about Greek life be complete without a nod to the granddaddy of all frat films Animal House? The men of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity set the bar very high or perhaps, low with their infamously debauched parties. They have no problem being on double secret probation or plotting to ruin the homecoming parade or destroying their house on a nightly basis in the name of a good time.

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Anchor Splash, its annual swimming competition fundraiser, is a social highlight at many colleges. Tyler Sperry 6 years ago. Fraternity: Sigma Chi With over collegiate chapters, Sigma Chi stands out among other organizations for its incredibly prestigious alumnae roster. Committed to friendship, personal integrity, and service to others, Chi Omega members are encouraged to display their passions and aspirations. Page 1 of 3. College is said to be the best four years of your life. Special attention is paid to Reading is Fundamental, which helps children learn how to appreciate books and reading.

Top ten sorority

Top ten sorority

Top ten sorority

Top ten sorority. Fraternity: Sigma Chi


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We are in the business of style forecasting and trend setting. Here is a list of our 10 favorite sites in the Greek community for a little dose of design inspiration. Tri Delta is a fan-favorite among our Greek clients because of the long scrolling site, condensed navigation and fun geometric patterns.

Tri Delta has also taken home two Fraternity Communications Association awards for website design: 1 website in and 3 in The large banner collages and feature images create a beautiful and bold homepage to support their new, inspirational brand identity. Check out our case study. There is a quick jump-to menu along the top, as well as a large footer navigation. Kappa Delta Ambient video is extremely popular right now, and Kappa Delta does it well.

It shows the visitor who they are and communicates the mission of the organization: Building Confidence. Inspiring Action. We love how the shield is locked in the top left-hand corner of the site as you scroll.

Kappa Alpha took home the bronze award for best website at the Fraternity Communications Association awards. Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa is a great example of excellent iconography with a little hand-drawn appeal.

The website beautifully displays their brand across the entire site, with consistent fonts and colors. A major focus on the homepage is fraternity news and events, making it easy to stay up-to-date on all fraternity business. In Alpha Gamma Delta landed second in the best website awards.

Another biased opinion, but we love the bright images, accompanied by bold information callouts on the home page. Links to the Foundation, Boutique and Housing Corporation are locked to the bottom of the page above the footer, making it easy to get to these pages no matter where you are within the site.

This website landed Phi Delta Theta in the No. Throughout the site Alpha Sigma Tau includes callouts to their Emerald Boutique and Herff Jones to promote some of their products and special programs. Delta Delta Delta Tri Delta is a fan-favorite among our Greek clients because of the long scrolling site, condensed navigation and fun geometric patterns. Kappa Alpha Order We love how the shield is locked in the top left-hand corner of the site as you scroll.

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Top ten sorority

Top ten sorority