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Uk amateure

Uk amateure

Uk amateure

Uk amateure issued as a class B licence. That will probably entail issuing a fresh call sign. If we wish to revoke a licence, we must Uk amateure a prescribed process. You can now apply for Club licences online, provided you have registered with our online licensing service. See also It is the responsibility of the licensee to confirm to us that your details name, address and so on remain Uk amateure.

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From a knowledge of these ham radio call signs it is possible to learn something about the licencee - the type of amateur radio or ham radio licence held and also when it was issued.

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From a knowledge of these ham radio call signs it is possible to learn something about the licencee - the type of amateur radio or ham radio licence held and also when it was issued. As the types of ham radio licence available have changed over the years, and different call sign series were issued for each one, it may be difficult to identify what the callsigns mean without a table and explanation.

Within the UK, there are three types of amateur radio licence that can be obtained, namely the Foundation Licence, Intermediate Licence and the Full Licence. Each of these ham radio licences offers different privileges in a form of incentive amateur radio licence scheme through which all new UK radio hams must progress to achieve the full licence. The different ham radio licences reflect the experience of the operators, the Foundation Licence offering entry level privileges while the Full licence offers the highest power levels and the greatest number of bands.

Band allocations limited. Intermediate licence Maximum of 50 watts. Full licence Maximum UK licence power can be used and all UK amateur radio band allocations available. These overviews are by their nature limited in definition. For full details it is necessary to refer to the appropriate ham radio licence.

Over the years a variety of different ham radio call sign series have been used in the UK. By looking at the prefix and the number of letters after the prefix it is possible to tell the approximate years in which the licence was issued, and also the original form of licence. There have been a variety of different licences that have been available, and a particular call sign format was used for each different type of licence.

Originally issued to amateur radio licence and Class A amateur radio licence holders. Originally issued to amateur radio class A licence holders. Originally issued as a class B licence. In addition to the basic ham radio call signs a variety of prefixes are used. These not only indicate the country in which the station is located, but also the type of station - a separate set of prefixes being used to indicate whether the amateur radio licence is privately held by an individual or whether it is a club station.

The call signs in the G and M series follow the same format. The second letter of the prefix indicates the country and purpose of the licence. Although amateur radio club stations are allocated call signs using the standard series of prefixes, they also have the option to use the other prefixes detailed in the table above to indicate that they are a club station.

The GB prefix is used for a variety of special ham radio licences ranging from repeaters and beacons to data mailboxes and special even stations. It is possible to tell the use of the station and licence from the format of the callsign. For example MW0A could be used for a ham radio contest, etc. Listening on the amateur radio bands, a large variety of UK call signs with different prefixes can be heard. By using the above tables and information it is possible to determine much about the station using them.

Although no UK call signs with serial letters in the series QAA to QZZ were issued, these can be used as examples as they do not belong to real stations. For example it can be seen that a station with the call sign G3QQQ would have been issued with a class A license and now hold a UK full licence, but it would have been issued between and , well before the current licensing system was introduced. An amateur radio station with the call sign GB3QQ would be a repeater, and so forth.

As can be seen, there is a great variety in UK ham radio call signs and their prefixes. This diversity has partly arisen out of the changes in the UK ham radio or amateur radio licences and also from the need for new series of UK amateur radio call signs.

As a result it is very useful to have an understanding of the make up of these call signs. Check out our. Ham Radio Store. UK amateur radio call signs Over the years a variety of different ham radio call sign series have been used in the UK.

Featured articles. Maximum UK licence power can be used and all UK amateur radio band allocations available. Issued from onwards as Intermediate licence. Issued as Novice class A licence from for use on all Novice allocations. Issued between and Originally issued to foreign nationals as a form of reciprocal ham radio licence.

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Uk amateure

Uk amateure

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We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. For information on these cookies and how to remove them, read our cookies policy. Guidance for licensees PDF, Licence terms and conditions PDF, Licence terms and conditions audio version MP3, Sample licence PDF, Policy on temporary call signs and call sign enhancement PDF, Amateur Radio licence revocation PDF, Interference between short range devices and Amateur repeaters PDF, An applicant for a new Full Licence or a Full Club Licence may request a call sign with only two trailing letters, using any valid Full Licence prefix in the list, above.

These are not available via the licensing portal and must be requested on a paper application form. This applies only to applications for new licences. Our policy that a station may change its call sign only in exceptional circumstances remains unchanged. Call signs with two trailing letters are not available for Foundation and Intermediate stations.

These stations must therefore have a call sign with three trailing letters. We are aware that a handful of Intermediate stations have inadvertently been assigned call signs with only two trailing letters.

This was aberrant though we shall not require those licensees to relinquish these call signs and replace them with a call sign with three trailing letters. Variation for a special contest callsign. Who may apply for a Notice of Variation?

PDF, Full details of the arrangements under which overseas radio amateurs may operate in the UK are contained in Section 2 of our 'How to become a radio amateur in the UK' guidance PDF, Ofcom is not responsible for Licensing outside of the U. K and therefore cannot guarantee to be in possession of current licensing criteria for overseas authorities. The onus therefore lays on the licensee to enquire with the appropriate authority within the country they wish to visit.

Although, the United Kingdom represent Overseas Territories at the International Telecommunication Union, each are responsible for their own administration. We would therefore recommend that individuals approach the licensing authority in the country of destination for further clarification. A licence remains valid unless we notify the licensee that the licence has been formally revoked. If we wish to revoke a licence, we must follow a prescribed process. This is set down in legislation Schedule 1 to the Wireless Telegraphy Act , as amended.

We must formally notify you of our proposal to revoke your licence and allow you to make representations about that proposal, within a set period of time. That notification will include reasons for the proposal. At the end of the period for representations, we have a month to reach our decision though we may not need that long. We must notify you of our decision within a week of making it.

If we decide to revoke your licence, only then will it be revoked and it remains valid until then. If you use your station after your licence has been revoked you commit an offence.

On conviction, you risk a fine, imprisonment and the forfeiture of your station. If we have issued a reciprocal licence against a bilateral or similar agreement with a country that has not signed up to the CEPT recommendation, it is a Temporary Reciprocal licence.

Licensees will not receive a UK call sign, they will use their own callsign issued to them by the licensing authority of their own country. The licence is only valid for a period of six months. To apply for a Temporary Reciprocal licence you will need to complete a paper application form PDF, If you choose to apply online, it can take up to 10 working days for Ofcom to receive your candidate number from the Radio Society of Great Britain.

To apply for a Club licence, the applicant must be a full licence holder and be supported by 2 other nominated full licence holders. You can now apply for Club licences online, provided you have registered with our online licensing service.

If the individual club licensee has died in the last five years, the other two members who countersigned the application or, if either or both of them have died or moved on, two duly appointed officers of the club should write to us jointly and let us know, so that we can cancel that licence. If the notification is accompanied by a fresh application, we shall endeavour to issue the same call sign to the club to ensure continuity.

If the individual Club licensee has become estranged from the other members of the club in the past five years, then the other members must apply for a fresh licence. That will probably entail issuing a fresh call sign. If you want to amend the details of your individual licence Foundation, Intermediate, Full, or Full Club , perhaps to notify us of a new address or telephone number, you can do so using our online licensing service.

If you want to amend any detail of a Full Temporary Reciprocal licence the you hold, you must complete and sign the Ofa amendment form PDF, The current Ofcom policy, based on our international obligations, is that a call sign, once issued, remains with a station for the life of that station. Licences are valid indefinitely, unless surrendered by the licensee or revoked by Ofcom. It is the responsibility of the licensee to confirm to us that your details name, address and so on remain valid.

To validate your licence, you will need to log in to the Online Licensing System. An on screen prompt will appear asking you to check and update or confirm your details, to do this use the Verify my details button.

This could either be:. The licences have the same status as the previous licences. Ofcom is aware of other countries adopting or proposing to move to electronic licensing.

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Amateur radio callsign allocation. Notices of Variation NoVs. Links to industry groups. Amateur radio guidance: Misuse and licence revocation 23 Aug Licensing updates 16 Aug I hold an overseas Amateur Radio licence. Can I operate in the UK? What is the revocation process? How long before I can apply for a licence online? How do I apply for an Amateur Club Licence? How do I change the details of my licence? Can I change it?

How long is the licence valid for? I used to hold a licence but allowed it to lapse. Can I use the new online licensing system to re-instate it? I applied for my licence online. Will this licence be acceptable to foreign regulatory authorities?

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Uk amateure

Uk amateure