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Just to make you aware. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. And maybe that's not pedo but it's still creepy and I don't know any mom who would want her kiddo being looked at like that. Definitely creepy. Very much so, but I'm glad it's not worse.

Webshots diaper pictures

Webshots diaper pictures

Webshots diaper pictures

Webshots diaper pictures

Webshots diaper pictures

Got retro sorority pictures? This is my new favorite thread. Thats sickening. I had heard of her, but didn't dialer her. She would remind me to be ladylike in a not-very-ladylike manner at all

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Posted March 10, Redhead Moms. Hot Futanari Girls. Amateur Black and White. Only 75 emoji Websjots allowed. Caption Pics? Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Namespaces Page Discussion. Messages 1, Role Other. Thai Hookers. Clear editor. Webshots diaper pictures Black Porn. Pregnant Girlfriends.

Photographs that allegedly show members of the Quinnipiac baseball team taking part in a hazing ritual have surfaced on the Internet.

  • I'm sure y'all love getting those tasty webshots pics of hot college girls wearing diapers and have searched the site throught and through, but is it still active?
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Photographs that allegedly show members of the Quinnipiac baseball team taking part in a hazing ritual have surfaced on the Internet. The Web site badjocks. The people in the photos were not identified. The photos were originally found on the Web site webshots. The Web site lists several examples of what the University considers to be hazing, which includes requiring members to participate in degrading or humiliating games, wear apparel publicly that would not normally be in good taste, or throw things at other members.

In the photos, young women are standing in a line blindfolded with their arms tied behind their backs. By Doug Manners on April 26, Posted October 20, 0.

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Webshots diaper pictures

Webshots diaper pictures

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Current events. Archiving projects. Image hosting. Baby Nikki Est. Hey yall I was hoping that someone new of some good ab, domination, forced femination, or any diaper captioned pics. Messages Role Other. What do you mean? ABKingdom would be the largest by far, I think. I'm not sure if it's okay for me to post this, but I saw a torrent a while back and downloaded it, too, before my hard disks crashed , of It was actually real, too.

Messages Role Diaper Lover. PadDaBrat said:. I saw that one before. If you don't mind me asking, what did it contain? What I mean to say is, how much of it would appeal to your average gay guy? I just wouldn't want to download 15 GB whereof Last edited: Feb 25, Messages 1, Role Other. Valentine said:. The amount of content claimed though is an exaggeration, there is significant amounts of duplicates. If I were you I wouldn't download such a torrent in the first place. I didn't think about where it actually came from, you're probably pretty much right there.

Even if half of 14 GB of videos and images is duplicates, that's still 7 GB of content. But, as another poster said, I'm not sure if any of it is from paysites. Since there is a good chance much of it is from paysites, even though it doesn't contain CP, I'd still advise not downloading it. Illegal paysite pictures are bad, m'kay?


View Full Version : Retro pictures. Alright, it's been brought up recently in the Bid Day pic thread. I'm thinking this is the best place. Got retro sorority pictures? Bid day, Greek Week, formals, etc! Ready, set, go!

This was taken around plus or minus 2 years. Yay Akron! I hope the Akron DGs on the board see this! I'll have to ask him and find out if she's in the picture!

I love the "Cupid's Corner"!! I know, it's a reflection of how big of a deal it was to be pinned back then it really did mean that you were going to get engaged very soon. When I was in undergrad, girls would get lavaliered and pinned left and right, then they'd break up within 3 months, lol.

Love it! It looks like the word "Logan" or "Legan" is written next to some of the womens' names. Was that a sorority? I'm looking for it It definitely says Logan. Perhaps it's a dorm where independent women lived? Not knowing where you see Logan, my guess is that it's Logan, Ohio. I can get the pdf link if you would like to read clearer versions.

I think they are a crack up and can't stop reading them. Ok, some of the dresses in the top and middle photos are so cute. It's so funny how alot of the same silouettes strapless, teal length, etc are in fashion right now. Yes, the strapless and tea-length are in fashion, but I don't remember seeing lots of fluff and ruffles lately. My favorite is the confident young lady sitting second from the left. I love her entire outfit, right down to her pumps and gloves and the pin on her bodice.

It won't surprise you to know that I am crazy about that show "Madmen" set in I love retro fashion. Me too! Even though I couldn't stand Kenley on this season of Project Runway, I thought her clothes were absolutely adorable! Those pictures from the DG installation are adorable! Holy poofy dresses, Batman! JPG I think I'd enjoy it if we still wore dresses like these I love the TCU pics!!! The middle one looks like it was taken in the old ballroom- it was torn down earlier this summer. Everything "retro" in this thread is just a delight to see.

I particularly enjoy newspaper articles They are pretty fun. Love love love this picture again! You look just like your mother! It's Gamma Phi Beta - you can read it on their hats :. The intersorority competition was sponsored by the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Sigma Chi Derby Day was an event where women could wear Bermuda shorts. Looking at pictures of collegiates in the 60's and earlier, I always think that they look so much "older" than the collegians of today esp. I know we discussed whistles at one time, and I mentioned that I had seen a list of them from As it was published, I figured it was no big secret. I think I'd enjoy it if we still wore dresses like these Ah yes.

Then you, too, would know the joy of girdles, long-line bras, garters and thigh-high stockings and garters that pop off when you sit down. There's an art to it! Give me jeans and pantyhose ANY day!

Everytime I see a woman try to sit down with a hoop skirt for the first time, I really wish I had a camcorder! I can only read it if someone can play the first note! Merritt Panhellenic Building was completed in Rushees sign up for a s "Rush Week. I wish AOII's was on there Do you know how to do ADPi's, honeychile? Fashion was so awesome in the s and early s. I absolutely LOVE the polka dot dress!

On a random Google search, I turned up this picture This was a precursor to GDI. According to the MU website: "Each pledge wore "a blue stocking on one leg and tan one on the other, a high heel and a low heel, dress on backwards and hair in pigtails with blue and tan ribbons in the end.

The Northwestern Deltas in I'm really loving the boots. You know Greek Life really dominates campus when the non-affiliated women form their own official social group! Arnette, later an antiques dealer and auctioneer and writer who has published four books. It was the conveyance that hauled KA member Admiral Richard Byrd in the parade when he visited the university in Actually, I'd be a little surprised if every ADPi doesn't know ours! If one isn't familiar with it by sight, I'm sure she'd recognize it by sound.

As for the "Go Greek" button, we had "I'm a Greek" buttons. Says GPhiB on cap. I have an old picture of Earpus from the interweb. It's definitely a retro pic. That's so cool! I really can't get over the hair from the different eras! I can't wait to hear what my future kids have to say about the fashion choices of my generation.

What a thread!!! To think all these women with such different lifestyles went through the same rituals as you ladies! This really emphasizes the connection we have in GLOs!

Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Chapter Delta Zeta from some chapter in FL Paper bags over their heads?! When I was rushing, the DZs had a photo of their Founders - it really impressed me! This is my new favorite thread. Can we move it to Greek Life? And in the spirit of opening this up for the fraternities Over 8, war personnel, including members of the British Royal Air Force, received training at the University. The cannon was a gift from an alumnus in It was supposedly from the Civil War, but the exact origin is unknown.

Four brothers from Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, called cannoneers, would wheel the gun to each home game and blast it after every Syracuse scoring drive. The cannon was the main target for pranks in the weeks prior to games. Cornell and Colgate loved to try to steal the cannon and on two occasions they each made commendable efforts. On a rainy day at Archbold Stadium, during a game between the two schools, four Colgate men snuck to the Syracuse sideline and tried to run the cannon across the stadium to the Colgate side.

The ATO brothers, along with the Orange cheerleaders, the Alpha Chi Rho bell crew, and some angry fans, chased the Colgate thieves down in the middle of the field and a brawl ensued. The game had to be halted until the mess was sorted out. ATO was not always able to prevent the cannon from being stolen, however. In , a week before the Orangemen season opener against Temple, the gun turned up missing.

Overhearing a conversation about the whereabouts of the gun, a brother of Tau Epsilon Phi of Cornell phoned the Syracuse TEP brothers and told them where to find the cannon.

Webshots diaper pictures

Webshots diaper pictures

Webshots diaper pictures